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1) Rebecca Campbell 

Freedom Activist & Researcher

We welcome Rebecca back on with us to share her experiences and research.  Rebecca resides in Washington State.




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       Breaking News

"Hanoi barber marks summit:  free Trump-Kim haircuts" 

(click the link below)

Published on Feb 20, 2019

Hanoi barber marks summit with free Trump-Kim haircuts.

For those who like to push the cutting edge of style, two of the world's most talked-about haircuts are now available for free, in Vietnam.


In honour of an upcoming summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on February 27-28, a Hanoi barber is offering free haircuts to anyone wanting to copy their distinctive locks.


"People will think I look like the leader of North Korea," said nine-year-old To Gia Huy, whose hair had been moulded to perfectly match the slick-back top and shaved sides of Kim's unique coiffure.







     World News



"US concern over hezbollah presence in Lebanon govt."
(click link below to play video)

Published on Feb 20, 2019

The United States has voiced its concern over Hezbollah’s growing role in the Lebanese new government. The concern was made by the US ambassador to Lebanon during a meeting with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri in Beirut.



"The Debate - US anti-Iran sanctions"
(click the ink below to play video)

Published on Feb 18, 2019

Iran has become self-sufficient in gasoline production. Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani has made this announcement after inauguration of a Refinery in the southern port city of Bandar Abbas. This means that Iran will not need to import gasoline anymore. In this edition of the debate, we will look at how Iran is able to make these achievements while being under sanctions, and what this means when it comes to the US sanctions plans against Iran.


" Police officer helps limping dog cross road"
(click the link below to play video)

Published on Feb 20, 2019

Police officer stops traffic to help limping dog cross road.









      USA News 




"Saudi could use sensitive US tech to make nukes"
(click the link below to play video)

Published on Feb 19, 2019

A congressional report reveals that the United States is rushing to transfer “highly sensitive nuclear technology” to Saudi Arabia, with President Donald Trump being “directly engaged” in the push.


"US says still helping Saudi Arabia in war on Yemen"

(click link below to play video)


Published on Feb 18, 2019

The US says its forces are still helping the Saudi-led coalition in the war against Yemen. The announcement comes days after the House of Representatives voted to end Washington’s involvement in the conflict.



"North Carolina Poll Workers: Um, Yeah. We Cheated."

(click link below to play video)

Published on Feb 19, 2019

North Carolina poll workers told election officials on Tuesday they illegally viewed early election results last year.

According to Reuters, it's the latest evidence in a probe of voting irregularities in a still unsettled congressional race.

The investigation into the disputed Nov. 6 election for the state’s 9th Congressional District seat also uncovered an unlawful absentee ballot scheme.

It was run by an operative for Republican candidate Mark Harris, according to testimony at the hearing that could prompt a new vote.

The seat has remained vacant since state officials refused to certify Harris’ apparent victory over Democratic rival Dan McCready by 905 votes out of 282,717 ballots cast.


    South of the Equator

                                            “South, not under” 

 "YouTube number 1 investigated topic"

(click the link below to play video)

Published Feb 13, 2019




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