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1) Serdar Duzgoren

Researcher from Bucharest Romania

The document Serdar will discuss on this show is an updated version of the document which he presented on July 1st during his first appearance on our program.
As Serdar stated before, “this document contains information regarding a possible life-threatening event which looks like it will happen in the near future, and it would majorly change and destroy, all of our lives, yours, mine, our families. Looking from a new angle and going through this information with a completely different perspective is imperative.”

Serdar is a father of a 7-year-old boy. He’s lived in Bucharest, Romania for over 25 years.

Serdar observed when the covid 19 virus appeared, major media channels were showing on the TV that, people in China were just falling on the streets suddenly and dying. But after the virus came to his country and other countries in Europe he didn’t witness any “people dropping dead suddenly”.

As Serdar noted, “this made me start thinking that there might be something else about the virus and the pandemic. I started to ask opinions of a few virologists about the Covid19 virus. Many of them stated that covid 19 virus is an animal virus which has been modified to become transmissible between humans. I thought: if the virus is genetically engineered than the pandemic must be intentionally created! The reasons behind a planned pandemic cannot be only economical and geopolitical.

Since the Nazi times, leader position people, openly expressing their evil euthanasia ideas. Nowadays, so called elite, started to talk about that population growth control is necessary to solve the climate change problem. Thinking that there are only small number of immensely powerful people who can plan and practice a pandemic at massive global scale makes a lot of people to believe that depopulation is the reason behind it. But the problem with the idea that vaccines are used to depopulate is that, if they kill the vaccinated ones, the remaining people would be mostly unvaccinated ones (which are not that easy to control)! Do you think the elite would want this?”

Serdar continued...

“So, wouldn’t they prefer to eliminate all the anti-vaccine people and keep some of the vaccinated ones alive?

That is why, I believe there is something even worse and wicked hidden behind this pandemic and the Elite already found the way to depopulate the earth by a completely DIFFERENT METHOD than any theory you might have heard of!

If the Elite could find the way, they would like to eliminate all anti-vaccine and keep some of the vaccinated alive. How? By: Creating a 100% deadly pathogen but not releasing it, immunising people against that. After vaccinating target number of people, in the future, releasing and spreading that deadly pathogen. It would kill everybody. Only some of the vaccinated ones would survive. All of us, the unvaccinated people would be eliminated!”

Serdar’s final conclusion:  “The final result of this plan would be: reducing the world's population to a number of pre-planned, mostly young, healthy people from the selected countries (where Moderna vaccine is sold), eliminating all unvaccinated people, resetting all political, legal, financial and medical systems, erasing most of the world's authorities, governments and  the majority of the color population and the ethnic groups, sick people, old people and disabled!”

In a recent email received from Serdar he wrote:
“Below is the link to a news article from today: In Romania They will use only Moderna for 12 years and over kids! They are doing what I describe in those documents!”

Here’s another link Serdar wants people to be aware of:   

Serdar commented:

@DARPA’s new Technologies for Host Resilience (THoR) program aims to tackle these issues from a completely different angle. Instead of focusing on how to kill specific pathogens, THoR seeks to catalyze the development of breakthrough interventions that would increase the ability of patients’ own bodies to tolerate a broad range of pathogens.        

Exactly how i claimed: prepare the people that you want to keep alive, make them resistant against a deadly disease. And after that release that disease!”

If you’d like to receive the updated document that covers Serdar’s presentation and research please send an email to or you can reach out to Serdar directly at the email address or phone number listed below:

Serdar Duzgoren’s contact info:
Phone: 011 40 (732) 134 134
Note: the phone number above is when calling from inside the USA.

Interview with Serdar Duzgoren on July 1, 2021 - the 701st Weekly “Collective Consciousness” Podcast/Show which can be found over @





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       Breaking News

"Macron visits Tahiti, French Polynesia"

(click link below to play video)

Published on Jul 28, 2021


French President Emmanuel Macron promised transparency around decades of nuclear Tests in French Polynesia and changes to compensation procedures on Tuesday when he stopped to talk to a group of protesters on his first official trip to the territory.




     World News



"Peru's new president Pedro Castillo sworn in"
(click link below to play video)

Published on Jul 28, 2021

Peru's new President Pedro Castillo has been sworn in at the capital Lima.
Castillo's swearing-in follows weeks of uncertainty after a disputed election result. Castillo took a surprise first place in the first round of the presidential election in April.
Then in June, Castillo defeated Keiko Fujimori by just 44,000 votes in the runoff. She alleged irregularities, but the electoral body rejected her complaints.
Castillo's left-wing party wants to rewrite the constitution and address inequality.
Several foreign leaders are in Lima for the inauguration.



"Syrian doctor charged for torture in Germany"
(click the ink below to play video)

Published on Jul 28, 2021

Prosecutors in Germany have charged a Syrian doctor with crimes against humanity.
Alaa Mousa is accused of torturing people in military hospitals.



"Doctor tweets pictures minutes before landslide"
(click the link below to play video)

Published on Jul 26, 2021 

Deepa Sharma, a Doctor from Jaipur tweeted her happy pictures minutes before she died in Himachal landslide.




      USA News 



"Ed Buck convicted meth overdoses of 2 men"
(click the link below to play video)

Published on Jul 28, 2021

Wealthy Democratic donor Ed Buck has been convicted of nine felony counts related to the overdose deaths of two Black men in his West Hollywood apartment. The two year case came to a close when the federal jury found Buck guilty of providing meth and other drugs to homeless people with drug addictions in exchange for sex acts. Rumors swirled around Buck for years, as politicians began to distance themselves from the millionaire. Buck was a known predator and allegations against him grew over the years. So what took so long for authorities to finally bust Buck? Historian, author and filmmaker Sean Stone joins In Question to discuss.



"Billy Graham's grandson hospitalized COVID-19"
(click the link below to play video)

Published Jul 26, 2021

Billy Graham's grandson, the famed evangelical Pastor Jonathan Lotz, has been hospitalized with COVID-19.






"US has the world's highest murder rate"

(click link below to play video)

Published on Jul 28, 2021

Why is there so much gun violence in the United States? And how does this stack up with the rest of the world? Rick Sanchez takes a deep dive into this question. Investigative journalist Ben Swann analyzes why the media tends to ignores this crisis in violence and former police officer and prosecutor, Arthur Rizer, breaks down how the war on drugs drives this violence.




    BTC: News & Projections

"BTC price drop or not?"

(click the link below to play video)

Published on Jul 17, 2021

I believe by July 26th bitcoin will crash down to the low $20k area. I also believe the US stock market is topped out for a correction if not a major crash very soon in 2021. As the DXY / USD continues to push up bitcoin keep dropping. I expect when the Stock Market starts to dump this will cause bitcoin to crash twice as hard. If the stock market crashes you do not want to be in bitcoin! I give price targets showing what price bitcoin needs to get above before I get bullish and how low bitcoin can go. If the stock market only has a small correction it is possible btc price could pump and we could continue our bull run which would peak in Dec 2021. My chart technical analysis is base on using trendlines and Fibonacci circles.

Website to access these live charts:

This is not financial advice! these are only my views and opinions of where I think the market may be headed. Crypto Currency is a very risky asset, always do your own research before ever considering investing or making a trade.



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