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       Breaking News


"Saudi Arabia willing to send troops to Syria" 

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Published on Apr 18, 2018


Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister repeats the kingdom's willingness to deploy troops to Syria as part of a US-led contingent in the war-torn country.

Jubeir made the remarks at a press conference in Riyadh with UN chief Antonio Guterres. US media say Washington is after patching up an Arab force to replace a US military contingent in Syria. The report follows weekend strikes by the United States, Britain and France on Syria. Prior to the attack, Riyadh had indicated that it would back a Western military intervention in Syria. But Guterres, who also met Saudi King Salman on Tuesday, maintained that the Syria crisis needs to be resolved through political means without any foreign interference.






     World News



"Trump says in high level talks with North Korea"

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Published on Apr 18, 2018

The US president says Washington has been in high level direct talks with Pyongyang over a summit between him and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Donald Trump spoke about a great chance to solve the nuclear standoff with North Korea. Trump made the remarks during a meeting with Japan’s visiting prime minister in Florida. According to Trump, U-S officials are looking at five different locations outside the United States for a late-May or early-June meeting with Kim. The president also noted that diplomatic efforts to arrange a summit might fail. Trump voiced support for the Koreas’ discussions to seek a formal end to the war on the Korean peninsula. The North Korean leader and South Korean President Moon Jae-in are preparing to hold a rare meeting in less than two weeks.





"The Debate – Chemical Attack in Syria"

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Published on Apr 17, 2018

In this edition of The Debate, Press TV has talked to Ammar Waqqaf, the founder and director of Gnosos. from London, and Michael Lane, founder of American Institute for Foreign Policy in Washington, to discuss the recent US-led attack on Syria following the chemical attack allegation in the town of Douma near Damascus, and its repercussions.






"EU fails to agree on new sanctions against Iran"

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 Published on Apr 16, 2018

The European Union foreign ministers have failed to agree new sanctions against Iran as London, Paris and Berlin seek to appease US President Donald Trump, who has threatened to pull out of the landmark Iran nuclear deal.


In a meeting of the EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg on Monday, Britain, France and Germany proposed expanding sanctions against Iran over its alleged ballistic missile program and its role in regional conflicts, particularly Syria and Yemen.


They hoped that the expansion of sanctions against Tehran can help convince the US president not to follow through on his threat to walk away from the nuclear agreement, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).


Trump is a stern critic of the nuclear deal reached between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council -- the United States, France, Britain, China, Russia - plus Germany. Under the agreement, nuclear-related sanctions put in place against Iran were lifted in exchange for curbs on Tehran's nuclear program.


The US president on January 12 reluctantly agreed to waive sanctions against Iran that were lifted as part of the landmark deal, but threatened to withdraw from the accord if some "disastrous flaws" were not fixed.


He said he wanted America's European allies to use the 120-day period before sanctions relief again came up for renewal to agree to tougher measures and new conditions; otherwise Washington would pull out of the deal.







      USA News 




"NTSB inspects Engine Failure from Southwest 1380"

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Published on Apr 18, 2018

US air safety officials are inspecting a Boeing 737 that suffering a mid-air engine failure.

According to reports, Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 suffered an engine failure 20 minutes after take off, forcing an emergency landing.

The engine exploded, peppering the fuselage with shrapnel, and depressurizing the cabin.

One passenger on board the aircraft died, and another was injured.

According to passengers on the flight, one person was nearly sucked out a broken window, but others managed to pull them back into the cabin.





"Former First Lady Barbara Bush dies at 92"

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Published on Apr 17, 2018

Barbara Bush, the former US First Lady, has died at the age of 92.

The wife of former President George HW Bush and mother of former President George W Bush had been hospitalised several times this year.

She was often ranked in polls as the most popular First Lady in modern US history.






"Texas house explosion caught on Police dashcam"

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Published Apr 18, 2018


A dashcam video released Wednesday by the Hurst Police Department captures the moment a house exploded in Texas.


Five people were injured in the incident after a car crashed into a house near Dallas on April 8. An officer can be seen getting out of his car and walking towards the house, just as it exploded into a ball of fire.




    South of the Equator

                                            “South, not under” 

  "Number 1 investigated topic on YouTube"

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Published Apr 12, 2018











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