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Collective Consciousness Show (week 614) Guests for 09-19-2019

After an hour into the call, callers will be able ask questions and interact with our guests.

Guests can call in 218-339-6901 and use code: 5092984#
or call ID 48335

James Jaeger

Author, Producer & Director of Films & Documentaries

Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us

James is currently working on another documentary, Unsustainable, which will expose in great detail the United Nation’s ultimate goal for world domination.

James Jaeger’s update and link follow below:
UNSUSTAINABLE - Progress Report of 30 July 2019

Dear Agenda 21 Associate,

I am pleased to inform you that UNSUSTAINABLE: The UN’s Agenda for World Domination is coming along nicely. We now have five important interviews “in the can.”
In summary, the interviews done are: TOM DEWEESE, KRISANNE HALL and DAVID KOPACZ in Auburn, Massachusetts on 15 June 2019. Ten days ago on 19 July 2019 we interviewed NIKOLA LONCHAR and DAVID PASSIO in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Today, 30 July 2019, we will be interviewing G. EDWARD GRIFFIN and KENNETH GULLEKSON in Thousand Oaks, California.

On Friday, 02 August 2019, we will interview DEBBIE BAGIGALUPI, JOHN McMANUS, HAL SHURTLEFF, LORD CHRISTOPHER MONCKTON and WILLIE SOON in Pittsfield, Massachusetts at Camp Constitution.

The next interviews coming up are very important to the film as these experts will discuss Agenda 21 like no others. But in light of the fact that we still only have one major donor -- our Executive Producer, GERALD TUFTS -- we will need smaller donations to meet the Budget requirements. Therefore, if each of you reading this goes to and donates between $50 and $500 I assure you we will not only get the job done, you will love the fact that you helped make this important film possible.

But don’t believe just these words, watch a few of the clips of the Experts we have so far interviewed. Watch the new Trailer.

This documentary is building and when we have STEWART RHODES, PASTOR CHUCK BALDWIN, ROSA KORIE, MICHAEL SHAW, and EDWIN VIEIRA in the movie we may be able to also get PAT BUCHANAN, RON PAUL, GLENN BECK, ROBERT ZUBRIN and even CLINT EASTWOOD. Yes I have been working on Clint’s agents at Malpasso Productions. Although I don’t want to represent that I have any deals, I have been trying to talk them into something: Clint interviewing, narrating, executive producing. Something. But it’s hard to get major celebrities to donate their time, name or money to any cause. On the other hand, if we were able to offer Clint’s agents, say $50,000 -- who knows, maybe Clint would say yes.
But this sum is more than half of our entire Budget as we don’t have a major studio or network funding us. And why is that? It’s because the Mainstream Media loves Agenda 21 and it’s promoting the Globalist Agenda, as we discuss in our 4-part mini series entitled, MAINSTREAM. YOU helped make this series possible. That’s the only reason it exists. If you help make UNSUSTAINABLE – a movie warning about Agenda 21 possible -- that will be the only reason it will exist.

So enjoy your summer. Donate what you can. We will be working on UNSUSTAINABLE all summer as this is a labor of love and we in the producer unit and on the various camera crews can’t wait to complete the interviews and hire the narrator. When this movie is narrated, edited and released it is going to wake up a lot of people. When we produced FIAT EMPIRE with Ron Paul almost everyone was asleep about the Federal Reserve System. They even thought “fiat” referred to the car.

People are asleep about Agenda 21 and the UN’s agenda for world domination. Let’s rattle their cages and wake them up before they are taxed to death and the Socialists have taken over.


Here’s the latest that’s happening on the movie –

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