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Collective Consciousness Show (week 705) Guests for 07-29-21

Serdar Duzgoren

Researcher from Bucharest Romania

The document Serdar will discuss on this show is an updated version of the document which he presented on July 1st during his first appearance on our program.
As Serdar stated before, “this document contains information regarding a possible life-threatening event which looks like it will happen in the near future, and it would majorly change and destroy, all of our lives, yours, mine, our families. Looking from a new angle and going through this information with a completely different perspective is imperative.”

Serdar is a father of a 7-year-old boy. He’s lived in Bucharest, Romania for over 25 years.

Serdar observed when the covid 19 virus appeared, major media channels were showing on the TV that, people in China were just falling on the streets suddenly and dying. But after the virus came to his country and other countries in Europe he didn’t witness any “people dropping dead suddenly”.

As Serdar noted, “this made me start thinking that there might be something else about the virus and the pandemic. I started to ask opinions of a few virologists about the Covid19 virus. Many of them stated that covid 19 virus is an animal virus which has been modified to become transmissible between humans. I thought: if the virus is genetically engineered than the pandemic must be intentionally created! The reasons behind a planned pandemic cannot be only economical and geopolitical.

Since the Nazi times, leader position people, openly expressing their evil euthanasia ideas. Nowadays, so called elite, started to talk about that population growth control is necessary to solve the climate change problem. Thinking that there are only small number of immensely powerful people who can plan and practice a pandemic at massive global scale makes a lot of people to believe that depopulation is the reason behind it. But the problem with the idea that vaccines are used to depopulate is that, if they kill the vaccinated ones, the remaining people would be mostly unvaccinated ones (which are not that easy to control)! Do you think the elite would want this?”

If you’d like to receive the updated document that covers Serdar’s presentation and research please send an email to or you can reach out to Serdar directly at the email address or phone number listed below:

Serdar Duzgoren’s contact info:
Phone: 011 40 (732) 134 134
Note: the phone number above is when calling from inside the USA.

Interview with Serdar Duzgoren on July 1, 2021 - the 701st Weekly “Collective Consciousness” Podcast/Show which can be found over @

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