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Collective Consciousness Show (week 527) Guests for 12-14-2017

Danny Wallace
Author & International Speaker President of Danny Wallace Ministeries

Danny has been a special guest at least 2 or 3 times over the years. His personal testimony - in his books, music and poetry - is rooted in the miraculous sacred heart of our Lord God Jesus Christ who's eternal and unlimited power of Divine love and truth can redeem the soul of even the most savage sinners of our dark world.

Danny first appeared on our show in the Fall of 2011 after the Penn State child sex abuse scandal broke and poured into the main stream media. Six years later, beginning in early October 2017 with Harvey Weinstein, a veritable Tsunami of sexual abuse allegations involving men, women and underage children have poured onto the public stage in stories that have gone viral thanks to the power of social media and online video platforms, etc.

Danny was one of the earliest voices to testify against the sexual abuse of men, women and children. Having been a victim himself at the hands of his Father and his father's friends, Danny overcame the fear and shame of this abuse and has been speaking out against it for many years. Special thanks goes to Danny's wife and lifelong partner, Lynn Wallace, for her help in supporting this ministry.

Danny will be talking about the backdrop of this "awakening" that is happening in our world as well as his new book, "THINK WITH INK" - see below:

The paperback version of Danny's new book, "THINK WITH INK" is available for $12.95 for the Christmas holidays at Both the paperback and eBook will be released in worldwide outlets like Amazon and Barnes and Noble later this month.

THINK WITH INK / Volume One is the first release collection of Danny's QUOTE OF THE DAY and THINK WITH INK articles syndicated each day on social media and in various media outlets.

Volume One centers around the hope, joy, and beauty of Grace. Great for daily devotions and bible study discussion groups. THINK WITH INK is a great addition to your holiday gift list.


You can find Danny Wallace on Facebook or at this link:

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