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Collective Consciousness Show (week 574) Guests for 11-15-2018

After an hour into the call, callers will be able ask questions and interact with our guests.

Guests can call in 218-339-6901 and use code: 5092984#
or call ID 48335

Emmanuel Anning

Corporate Law Intern & DePaul Univ. Law School Student

Emmanuel was born in the United States but grew up in Ghana Africa. He came back to the US 13 years ago to work as an intern in a law firm while attending law school at DePaul University here in Chicago. He's currently working as a legal intern at a telecommunications firm. His goal is to practice corporate law.

Please welcome Emmanuel to our show community!

Judith Whitmore

Longtime friend who worked with Bob Schulz

How I know Bob Schulz and what we’ve done since 2009; our efforts to encourage Bill of Rights Day events and the script we have that anyone can use to do an event in their locations; the Vision he has for restoring Right to Petition and basics of what is needed to move that forward; my continuing efforts to bring together Americans for mass singing events thru STAND UP AND DING FOR AMERICA(you had me on once for a whole program with Singing Revolution producers Jim and Maureen Tusky). We want to do a mass singing event for Thanksgiving 2019 called BIG SING AMERICA: Thanksgiving Gratitude! to take place weekend before Thanksgiving (annually). Can explain how it is possible and plans to coordinate. Still believe Harmonious singing for America is our greatest tool for Good to overwhelm hate, chaos and focus on the seemingly bad things happening.

Thursday, Nov. 15th, 2018 at 9pm eastern time.
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