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Collective Consciousness Show (week 561) Guests for 08-16-2018

After an hour into the call, callers will be able ask questions and interact with our guests.

Guests can call in 218-339-6901 and use code: 5092984#
or call ID 48335

James (Jamie) W. Lee
Biodynamic Farmer, Activist, Financial Advisor, Author, Revisionist Historian

Age: 61 Single One Child.
Biodynamic Farmer, Activist, Financial Advisor, Trader, Author, Revisionist Historian,
Websites: - - (vaccine info)
You Tube Channels: Aplanetruth Questioning Everything to Find Truth
Books: Flat Earth; An Investigation Into a 500 yr. Massive Heliocentric Lie;
Geoengineering; Investigations Into Humanities 6thGreat Extinction Event

Articles published in Activist Post, David Icke, Natural News, Geoengineering Watch, Global Research, Zero Hedge, Blacklisted News, Real News, Pinecone Utopia
Interviews: Sage of Quay, Breaking the Set with Abby Martin, Sofia Smallstorm, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis

San Diego State University B.S. in Business Marketing
New College Master in GreenMba program
1985-1991 Institutional Sales Trader Furman Selz, Mager, Dietz and Birney
1991-1995 Institutional Sales Trader Robertson Colman and Stephens
1995 -2007 President and Founder JWL InvestmentsLLC
2006 Hosted International Day of Peace Event at Marin Civic Center
2014 Helped pass Measure S in Mendocino County legalizing Community Bill of Rights over State and Federal Laws, as well as giving Rights of Nature legal standing. First kind of law ever passed in US

Note: Jamie Lee had THE FIRST flat earth website on the internet!

Thursday, Aug 16th, 2018 at 9pm eastern time.
Call in on our guest line at 218-339-6901 code 5092984#
TalkShoe 605-562-0444 Show ID: 48335

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