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“If the government and media are lying to us about 9/11, it means they are controlled by the same people who carried out 9/11”

Collective Consciousness Show (week 503) Guests for 06-22-2017

Dr. Marmol
Author & Former Spy

Dr. Del Marmol is back on our show to talk about his new book, The Dark Face of Marxism which can be ordered at this link:

He will also provide us with an update on current events, Come, Otto, and Trump with Cuba and Russia.

Dr. Marmol has been a spy for nearly 50 years, an international businessman, musician, and inventor. His newest endeavors are as writer/producer/director/actor and educator. Dr. del Mármol became the youngest commander in the Cuban Revolution at the age of 12. In this position, he was a part of Fidel's inner circle, and saw firsthand the plans that the Castro's and "Che" Guevara himself, had for the island of Cuba.

By 13, he had become a spy in Castro’s regime, taking secrets from Fidel’s personal office, and providing that intel to the freedom fighters of the world. He remained undetected for the next ten years.

When his cover was blown in 1971, he was forced to flee the island and has carried on his fight for freedom on a global scale as an international spy. He became the most-hunted spy in all of Cuba, code-named by Castro himself as "The Lightning."

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