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Collective Consciousness Show (week 683) Guests for 02-25-2021

Bob Schulz

Founder & CEO - We The People Foundation We The People Congress (WTP)

Petition for Redress of Violations of the Constitution's Electors Clause

This Update is being sent to each person who has signed our 1st Amend. Petition for Redress of Violations of the Electors Clause.

The Petition shows certain States violated the Electors Clause meaning, of course, their Electors were not constitutionally chosen.

Nullifying the votes of the Electors from those errant States leaves no candidate with the needed majority of the votes cast by the Electoral College on December 14th.

This has resulted in a constitutional crisis the likes of which the Country has never experienced, as bad as the 1800 election runoff was between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr. Back then, it took an act of Congress to decide the winner, and in 1803 the People adopted the 12th Amendment as a solution to the "no majority" problem if it were ever to reoccur.

Our Petition was served on every Member of Congress on January 5, 2021. It was signed by 1,058 People representing all 50 States.

Given the horrific riot on January 6th we waited 40 days for a response. However, not one Member of Congress has responded.

With every Right there is a Remedy and any Right that is not enforceable is not a Right. See Marbury v. Madison, (1803).

Thus, on Feb.17th we filed a class-action lawsuit seeking justice pursuant to the 12th Amend. For a copy of the papers filed, go to:

As a reminder, the Petition is to be found at:

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