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Collective Consciousness Show (week 510) Guests for 08-10-2017

Gary Nobles
Activist, Founder of Fathers Be

"Gary Nobles returns to our show this week to provide a follow-up update from the We Care Mission presentation he delivered last week."

Open Forum for the rest of the show after Gary finishes.

Gary Nobles has been a frequent special guest on our show over the years. He comes on the show this week to share a new vision called "We Care Mission" which is an extension of his "Fathers Be Fathers" initiative.

"We Care Mission"

Our Vision and work is to Transform people lives to love one another around the world. We have a live weekly Meet up Zoom Call every Monday in Facebook to connect living and caring people around the world. We are in the Beginning stage of building our 12 Pillars of truth.

We Cares Platform

1) Health and Wellness
2) Fathers and Mothers (Parenting)
3) Friends and Families
4) Youth Mental Development
5) Sports and Physical Development
6) Entrepreneurship and Business

" We Care Transformers "

They're people all around the global that have made the commitment to be Disciples of love ❤️ and you don't have to buy anything to be a We Care Transformer. There are many test for us all that desire to be a We Care Transformer. "Real talk"

For instance, If the Jehovah witness come to your front door, are you looking and peaking through the blinds to see if they are gone yet? Or do you go to the door and see how they are doing? "Well" that is just an example of one of many test's we go through in life to sharpen our abilities to love and care nevertheless we are all tested in this life to love and care for one another. Blessed!

We Care Mission Zoom Call live on fb August 14th 8pm CT 6pm PT.

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