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Collective Consciousness Show (week 712) Guests for 09-16-21

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Brock d'Avignon

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Ceo,Freedom Interactive TV Networks Association, Inc. (FiTNA) & Chair of Deep Green Gutures, Inc. DGR

Brock d'Avignon

Executive Producer, (FiTNA)

Title: How to Out Compete the Six Corporate MSM TV Networks

Reversing our path from Freedom to Fascism NOW – Solution: Displace the Mainstream Media with tens of millions of people brought together on 2-Way Interactive Mass Audience Participation, iTV to share facts and take action, returning America, and the world, to individual freedom through the power of real free markets. The MSM are purveyors of disinformation, owned by elite corporations. A growing number of Americans now realize this. New video platforms and social media sites launch frequently but are blocked from obtaining a large enough audience; therefore, the MSM retains control. As frustration builds, the need for a rapid solution increases; we have the solution.

The key to ending the MSM monopoly to mass audiences is to displace them in the marketplace they think they own. We are achieving this by integrating social media and gaming technologies with TV distributed by Satellite, cable, and streaming, to and FROM devices. creating freedom through TV for audiences of tens of millions. We have the tech partners, now including non-censorship data centers. No censorship by anyone but the audience, who labels, filters and judges. The truth is out there. When people are not censored the truth can be shared, solutions agreed on and enacted – and our economy will also transition to freedom as we shrink government. See Experts ( who have endorsed %PAYE.

Congressional Clearing House – Elect Representatives committed to freedom in 2022 Candidate 1:1 Debates; faced with a refusal to debate by the sitting Representative, debates take place on issues across district and state lines. Sitting Congress people will be buried by their lies and evasions. This is just the beginning. See more shows at:
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It is time to do something that our Mainstream Media won't do. Report the Truth to the American Public. (Instead of corporate sponsored lies)