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Collective Consciousness Show (week 677) Guests for 01-14-2021

Patricia Mikkelson

Simplified Living Coach Founder of Patriots Connect Empowering We The People to Cooperate

Patricia Mikkelson, the initiator of Patriots Connect, has been passionate about living in a cooperative community since she was 21. Now, 45 years later, in 2020, she is working to create a Christian Conservative Vegan Monastery on land she owns in the Ozarks. Patricia Mikkelson is a mother, grandmother, vegan, community builder, musician, gardener and professional organizer.

Patricia believes that the ultimate solution to all the ills of society is for people to live in healthy communities where people live according to the values of our founding fathers expressed in the constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Part of the problem we are facing today is that people have been brainwashed by public school and other means so that instead of learning cooperation with others, they depend on government for most of their needs and answers to their problems. Right now, she sees a great need for Trump supporters and people who want to have fair elections to be part of informal groups where they can feel a sense of community as well as get support to initiate and get help for projects which further the cause of freedom.

Patricia wants to support heroic efforts of patriots such as General Michael Flynn, Sydney Powell, Lin Wood, and those who are initiating the Stop the Steal and Jericho Marches. With over 5 decades of experience in empowering groups to collaborate to achieve their goals, she hopes to help patriots support each other in body, mind and soul so that we can save our great republic.

Having experience in activism in both conservative and social justice movements gives her a unique perspective and ability to empower people in creative ways that yield positive results. After discovering the truth about the leftist agenda, she is now firmly grounded in conservative values while at the same time wanting to use the things she learned from her experiences in the radical animal rights movement and other leftist/progressive groups to help patriots to cooperate.

Open Forum for callers.

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